Independent Fire Inspections Ltd was formed in May 2015 by Managing Director Ben Freeman. The company was formed to fill the gap in the industry in relation to particularly passive fire protection inspections and training, taking into account current Regulations, Technical Guidance Documents and Standards.

We provide training and inspections for the passive fire protection industry. Our company aim is to train as many responsible and competent persons regarding passive fire protection, to prevent inadequate installations, which could protect lives and property in the event of a fire.

Independent Fire Inspections Ltd is the first company to provide the Fire Inspection Training Scheme for inspectors of passive fire protection in Ireland. The scheme provides the necessary requirements for passive fire protection inspectors in 2 fold. The courses we provide are available online with examinations being undertaken to prove the knowledge of the inspectors and a site accompanied visit to prove practical knowledge of the inspectors in a built in environment.

Passive Fire Protection

Our team of training officers are experienced in the management, inspection, quality auditing and certification of passive fire protection products and systems.

E-Learning: The Fire Stopping Inspection Diploma Accredited by The Institute of Fire Safety Managers

The Fire Stopping Inspection Diploma is available to anyone who wishes to have a greater knowledge of fire stopping, linear gap seals and cavity barriers and is a qualification to provide competence.

The fire stopping inspection diploma online qualification provides a comprehensive level of knowledge in fire stopping specification, installation, inspection and maintenance and repair.

IFSM Accredited course

The Fire Stopping Inspection Diploma

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Once you have been awarded the Fire Stopping Inspection Diploma you will be able to apply to become a Certificated Fire Stopping Inspector.


Classroom training: courses led by experienced experts.

Each module provides an advanced level understanding of the do’s and dont’s in respect to the installation of the different products onsite and provides information on effective quality control and inspection methods.


The Penetrating Sealing Systems Module

We look at popular products and systems used in penetration sealing systems and be aware of the do’s and don’ts for installing such products

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The Fire Door Maintenance And Repair Module

The module is run at the advanced level and assumes trainees have some knowledge of fire doors.

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The Passive Fire Protection Awareness Module

This module is a 1-day presentation that looks at the general requirements of the passive fire protection requirements in a building.

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